Oklahoma Abandoned Sites
Hey where is the hotel in Oklahoma that you went to?

Hey! I don’t remember exactly where it was. It’s in Oklahoma City and it’s called the Lincoln Plaza, so hopefully some diligent googling can help you find it! 

When you find these places, do you just go in or do you find someone to ask if its okay to go in and photograph?

I just go in. Most of the time there is nothing to stop you. If I go somewhere and there is a fence or a No Trespassing sign then I won’t go in just because I don’t want to get in trouble. But if there aren’t any sign I just walk right in. 

Are any of these abandoned sites still there for a person to go thru? I like to photograph old abandoned buildings as well.

Hi there,

I’m sure most of them are still there. I know that the Dunjee School caught fire a couple years back so that one might not still be there. But as for the others I’m sure they are still there :)

Hello, I been to 146 different buildings in oklahoma ( I am a photographer on the website AbandonedOK Any places you can suggest for me to get? If I haven't yet.


I actually am a huge fan of the site and used it to find all the places I went to. However my friend said that she recently went to an abandoned school in Marshall, OK that I believe isn’t on the site already. I asked her for the directions and she said if you can find Marshall, you can find the school. I hope this helps!

Hello, I have an obsession with abandoned buildings and i live in Oklahoma..I have been to 57 abandoned places and want to find more. What are your favourite places and how might I find them?

wow 57! that’s impressive! I’d love to see that many. I don’t know if you already know about this site, but I found all of my places on abandonedok.com. its a really nice website for abandoned building explorers! check it out!

cool sites, i wish i knew the locations

Thanks! They are really neat aren’t they?? I found all these places on abandonedok.com. They have tons more sites and they always provide the town where they are, and sometimes you can find directions that someone has left in the comments. Good Luck!

Yoo why was that school closed? :o

From the little history i’ve read about it, it was a school for children with behavior and truancy problems and it was poorly run and poorly funded so the state shut it down.